Monday, 31 January 2011

A Tasty, Sustainable Fish Dish?

Having found out about Hugh's Fish Fight I wanted to buy something other than cod or haddock to make our Red Thai Fish Curry with. It is a tried and tested recipe, I found in an Ainsley Harriott cookery book I bought years ago.  It's a good recipe to make if you are feeding a lot of people, too, and we hadn't made it since our silver wedding party nearly 18 months ago. It's not something we can make for our kids as one doesn't eat fish and the other doesn't like spicy food.

Anyway, I went to Waitrose looking for coley or pollack as it now seems to be called, which is a perfectly good fish for this recipe.  We used to buy it fairly often some while back when money was tighter than it is now.  Unfortunately Waitrose didn't have any, but it did have some hake with a label saying it was from an Marine Conservation Society approved fishery or something like that.

However, when I got home I took a look at the MCS list of sustainable fish, hake wasn't on there, only a warning against hake from Spain and Portugal.  I think the hake I bought was probably OK to buy and it certainly tasted nicer than coley, but I think I shall see what fish the fish shop in our local farm shop sells.  I haven't looked at Sainsbury's fish counter lately, either.

If you want to take a look at the MCs list of sustainable fish you can download it from here
Marine Conservation Society's sustainable fish guide

The curry was very nice, not least because hubby made it.  I made the celeriac soup we had as a starter.  We served the curry with flat green beans from Riverford and organic brown rice mixed with wild rice grown by indigenous North Americans.

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  1. I love oily fish plainly cooked, but when it comes to white fish I need to eat it in a flavourful sauce. Curry is ideal.

    Hugh would be very pleased if he knew what a positive influence he has had on our eating habits over the past few weeks.


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