Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Review of No Impact Week

So was my 'No Impact Week' a success?  For me it was.  I only found out that it was happening the day before it started and signed up because I thought it would be a good way to focus on a more sustainable way of life for the new year.  In that respect it was successful.

However, I wasn't able to prepare for it and I didn't do everything I was supposed to do.  Having started trying to live more sustainably six years ago I know that extreme measures don't work for me.

I like a comfortable life and I don't want to have to make more effort than necessary, but I believe that my comfort should not come at the expense of someone else's discomfort.

To me a sustainable life is one that works for individual people as well as for the environment and so step by step I want to try to make my life less exploitative of other people, less greedy for the Earth's resources and to make less and less negative impact on the environment - I don't think it is possible for any human to have lived and made no impact on the environment and even less so now.

Waiting for the Communion service at Greenbelt, 2004
The Year of Living Generously (now simply 'Generous') was dreamt up at Greenbelt in 2004, and I was pleased to join up for it that Autumn, being among the first 100 to take part.  The idea was to take a new step towards a more 'generous' life each month.  Indeed, I started my first blog with a view to to record my choice of monthly actions on it. Some things were easy to do, but I found others much harder or even impossible, and these were all small steps in comparison to what 'No Impact Week' (NIW) asks of us.

With my desire to live more sustainably revitalised, in part thanks to the supportive comments people have made here, I shall now see how sustainable I can make my life in 2011.  I shall also try to post about my progress or otherwise in one of each of the areas covered by NIW over the coming weeks.


  1. I totally agree that life must be both sustainable for the planet and for the people. It can be really difficult to live "green" in a world that's not set up for it. I constantly find myself choosing between the lesser of several evils.

    I also believe that choosing "greener" products that cost significantly more might not turn out to be so environmentally beneficial after all when you consider the amount of energy and resources that are expended to earn the extra money to buy more expensive products!

    I'm really enjoying your blog and hope I'm not overwhelming you with my comments!

  2. An interesting point, Rebecca. We probably should consider the environmental impact and the amount of resources needed for us to earn a living. How far we need to travel to work is an obvious factor, but I'm sure there are aspects of the work we do and the company/employer that we do it for that we would also do well to consider. But what if the only job we can get is making cheap plastic toys or something equally bad for the environment?


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