Thursday, 13 January 2011

Don't Be Stuffed: Vote With Your Fork

When I joined the Soil Association last Autumn I was given a free copy of their recent publication, "Stuffed - positive action to prevent a global food crisis ".  This book includes essays from 'soe of the most forward-thinking writers on food and farming' who describe what they believe to be a serious and imminent food crisis looming on the horizon. However, the book is not all doom and gloom, it is a book of solutions as much as it is one of warnings.  See Stuffed website.

We are told early on by Michael Pollan that
"voting with your fork - how you choose to spend you food money - represents one of the most powerful votes you have".

 A bit later on Geetie Singh tells us that
"if we all stopped wasting food, the reduction in our carbon footprint would be equivalent to taking one in four cars off the road."

Vote with your fork
We are also told (on page 136) that "a worldwide switch to organic farming could offset 11% of all global emissions" and (on page 30) that "cutting the average UK family's meat consumption in half would reduce household emissions more than cutting car use in half".

So, if like me, you're having trouble using your car less why not try wasting less food, eating less meat and eating more local, organic produce instead, although walking more could make you healthier.

On a different topic, I'm pretty certain that insulating your house and not turning the heating up too high will also reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

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