Steps Towards Generosity and Sustainability

Here's a summary of the actions I've suggested so far that you could take to improve your life and make the world a better place.   If you can manage to do one of these you'll have taken the first step on the path to a greener and more generous life.

If you don't feel able to anything suggested so far, or you do all these things already, don't worry there will be more suggestions over the next month, and hopefully many more months to come. 

1) Buy less.  This will almost certainly save you money and reduce the clutter in your home, not to mention reducing the amount you waste.  It will also mean you are using less of the world's precious resources unnecessarily, so there will be more to go round for everyone else.

2) Switch it off when it's not in use.  It can save you money as well as helping Planet Earth.  

3) Green your cleaning.  This could be good for your health and it's certainly better for the health of that part of the planet which you live in.

4) Smile more. You'll feel better for it and you might make friends along the way.

5) Waste less.  It will save you money and the planet will be happier for it.