Books on Living More Sustainably

'No Impact Man' by Colin Beavan'

This is a well written book that offers a slightly different slant on the subject of climate change and generally working towards a better world. It details the author's attempt to live for a year in New York without making any impact on the environment. He is helped by living in an apartment and not needing to use any heating as everyone else's is up so high.

The book gives the author's insights into what it was like to change from a typical New York lifestyle creating a great deal of CO2 and waste to trying to make no negative impact on the planet at all for a year and also shares some of his reflections on the experiment, such as realising that perhaps family relationships require a less extreme attitude to air travel. There is a lot of helpful information in the book and the author's thoughtful approach makes this a very interesting read.

A truly 'green and generous' type of book and one which I would recommend. To get a better idea of what the book is like check out the start of Colin Beavan's No Impact Man blog.

'There's a Hippo in my Cistern' by Pete May

This witty read describes how the author changes from a writer for lads' mags
who doesn't seem to have given the environment any thought to someone with a growing interest in how his life is impacting on the planet as his relationship with committed Green and employee of Friends of the Earth, Nicola Baird, develops. It is both amusing and informative so that you learn about a range of environmental issues while laughing out loud intermittently.  Having started living with the environment in mind ourselves, hubby and I both found much we could identify with, although, I'm glad to say we have not had any experience of composting toilets . . . yet!

Carbon Detox

Christ of the Celts - this shows how a concern for the environment is in tune with  Christ's own concerns.

Living with the Planet
Permaculture in a Nutshell

Saving the Planet without Costing the Earth

The World We Have

Transition Handbook

Remember you may be able to borrow these from your local library. For Surrey libraries web reservations are now 50p, which is half the price of having the library staff reserve the book for you.  It could be worth checking if this is the same for your library if you are living outside Surrey.

This page will be updated from time to time with more recommendations of books I have read and found useful.  Feel free to use the comments to recommend your own favourite books on relevant topics.