Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wind Turbines Kill Less Birds Than Cats Do.

Graceful wind turbines on Kefalonia

One reason some people give for being against wind turbines is that they kill large numbers of birds. You might think that this is a good reason, until you hear that cats, road traffic, windows and over head power cables kill far birds more as this article explains.

Should we not allow any more cats, cars or cables, either?


  1. I've never understood the opposition to windmills - tall, slender structures with curved blades spinning gracefully in the breeze. They're far more aesthetically pleasing than those ugly cubes of nuclear power stations.

  2. I agree with you totally, Gai.

  3. Here is another study:
    Killer Kitties? Cats Kill Billions Of Creatures Every Year

    listing how many cats and how many birds and mammals killed. Billions!


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