Sunday, 6 January 2013

Misty St Martha's

Hubby and I decided we'd go for a walk to St Martha's church today in spite of the heavy mist. There were some very 'atmospheric' views.

The church looked very different today, shrouded in mist as it was . . .

. . . than it did almost exactly a year ago, when the sun was shining. We thought our last visit was some time in the late Spring or early Summer last year, but I've just seen that it was 7th January.

We loved how the lichen made this tree look.

I loved the mixture of moss and fungus on this tree stump. An artist couldn't better it, in my view.

There were some lovely lichens, too. I've yet to identify this one, though.

This is probably reindeer lichen (cladonia portentosa)

This is an auricula-judae fungus, otherwise known as Jew's Ear or if you want a more pc name, Jelly Ear (thanks for that, Chris).

We wondered what had made these holes. There were a few fairly close together.

The moist, misty atmosphere made me feel I was in a cool rainforest while also giving everything a somewhat eerie quality. In fact we saw this ghost ahead of us:

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