Friday, 20 January 2012

A Rubbish Challenge

Karen Cannard aka Amost Mrs Average is throwing down the gauntlet again and challenging us to slim our bins. If you think you need to go on the Rubbish Diet to find how just how much you can recycle and cut down on excessive packaging not to mention to see if your bin can be as slim as Karen's then pay a visit to her Rubbish Diet Blog. Take a peek now to see how to prepare for the kick off on Monday.

I made a start last year, but seem to have given up after the first week. Perhaps I'll do better this year.


  1. We've always been pretty hot on rubbish & recycling.

    Now there's only 3 of us here, we've managed to get our rubbish down to a swing bin liner a month!

    We recycle everything we can, avoid buying packaging wherever possible, choose glass & cardboard over plastic... We're always thinking of ways to decrease our rubbish, we shall get there & hope to be rubbish free before long!

    Food waste is hopefully going to be on kerbside collection here soon, which is great - not that we have any, but lots of people do.

    Neither of us can think what does go in the bin, so perhaps we'll check on it each day & see...

    Good luck & have a good weekend Karin!

    K&S xx

  2. You seem to have made a lot of changes in they way you both live, K & S. I found it difficult to cut back much on the un-recyclable packaging last year. Having a look at Karen's challenge might inspire me to cut back a bit more this year.

    Enjoying the weekend so far, thanks. Hope yours is going well, too.


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