Monday, 2 January 2012

A Brighter Day

Hubby took daughter back to uni town today as she had to work this afternoon.  That is the downside of her Christmas job, but at least she now has experience of paid employment to add to her CV.

I washed all the jumpers and woollen walking socks that have been sitting in our laundry basket for some months, plus a few hubby had in Switzerland and brought home recently.

I also managed to defrost and clean our fridge freezer, which is something I've been meaning to do for a couple of months, but not managed to get round to.  Freezers run more efficiently if they are defrosted every few months.  Once the ice had melted I gave everything a clean with bicarbonate of soda followed by a good wipe to rinse it all off. Bicarbonate of soda is the best thing to use for cleaning fridges.

After lunch hubby and I returned to Winkworth Arboretum to take some photos of the unseasonal flowers we'd seen yesterday, now the sun was shining, although it was getting low in the sky by the time we left at half past two.

Early daffs

For dinner tonight we made borscht with the frozen beetroot plus a potato and carrot mixture and some tomato sauce I also found in the freezer as well as a quarter of a cauliflower and similar quantity of swede left over from last Wednesday's vegetable curry.  Soups and stews are a great way to use leftover vegetable.  As we'd bought more double cream than we needed for the holiday we used that instead of sour cream to swirl in our soup.


  1. We are leftover champions - We very often make extra to use in the next day's dish, especially if we're working.

    Your soup sounds lovely!

    Kay :)

  2. Can't believe you made borscht, that's just what I've been writing about! Great minds think alike, well green minds maybe. Happy new year. Nicola

  3. Happy New Year to you, too, Nicola. We make borscht when we have beetroot in our veg box, but we freeze some as it's usually too much to use all at once.


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