Thursday, 16 September 2010

5 Reasons to Buy Organic

As Organic Fortnight draws to a close I'd like to give you some reasons to change to organic produce.

1. For me the most important reason is that organic farming is not dependent on artificial fertilisers and chemical sprays, both of which are derived from fossil fuels, result in carbon emissions during production and are bad for the environment.  Excessive nitrates leeching from the soil can be toxic.

Organic farming methods use natural products such as manure, dried animal blood, fish and bone meals, and seaweed to fertilise crops and use more natural methods to control pests.

2. This means organic farming is better for wildlife.  Some people think the high number of dead bees found in recent years is partly due to the bees being weakened by the chemical sprays used by many farmers.

3. Organic standards for animal welfare is extremely high and at least as good as free range.

4. Many people believe that organic food is better for us as it does not contain traces of chemicals and may well have higher levels of nutrients.  The resulting improvement to the environment is certainly better for us all if we live near organic farms rather than farms using potentially harmful chemicals.  There have been reports of people experiencing health problems due to farmers near their homes spraying crops.

5. If you buy fresh organic produce in season and grown locally can reduce your carbon footprint as transport will be only over a short distance and plants won't have needed artificial heat to grow.

Visit local farmers' markets and farm shops or check out veg box schemes in your area for fresh, local organic produce, which may even come without plastic wrappers.

You could even start to grow your own organic fruit and veg in your garden or on an allotment.

The Soil Associations 5 reasons to choose organic.

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