Friday, 10 September 2010

Organic Veg Box

Confronted with all the plastic wrapping, which my organic fruit and veg from a local supermarket was wrapped in I decided on Monday to try an organic veg box from Riverford Farm.

A number of years ago we had an organic veg box from Able and Cole, but I gave it up in the end because some of it wasn't very fresh and we had trouble eating everything before it went off.

More recently I used a home delivery service, which sourced everything locally, either in our county or from the three adjoining counties and I was happy with that for a few years until they dropped a lot of the suppliers I'd particularly liked.  As it happened I received an e-mail from them just after placing my order with Riverford, to say they had decided to stop home deliveries.

The main cardboard box will be re-used by Riverford.
I had been reluctant to use Riverford because they are based in Devon, but what I hadn't realised until more recently is that it is now a kind of franchise with local hubs, known as sister farms, and my hub is based in neighbouring Hampshire. This means that a lot of the food is from that area and pretty local, probably more so than most of the organic produce in my supermarket, although it does try to source things locally when possible.

Well my box arrived about half past one and the produce looked very fresh and in good condition and apart from the blueberries I'd ordered separately as a treat because they were grown in the UK, there was not a trace of plastic in sight.

This cardboard punnet will be great for
growing seedlings come the Spring.

Some more lovely looking veg

I also ordered a couple of loaves as the bakers in the town has stopped selling organic bread. It was wrapped in tissue and came in a brown paper bag that could be used to line a compost bin when it is no longer of use.

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