Friday, 3 September 2010

Organic Fortnight

Organic Fortnight starts today and runs until 17th September. The Soil Association have a variety of suggestions for things you could do from visiting an organic farm to trying some organic beauty products. 

They even have some tips for how to buy organic on a budget.

Why not try out a new organic product each time you go shopping, whether it's fruit or veg, an item of clothing, a new lipstick or shower gel.

Take a look and see how many organic items you can find in your local supermarket or take a trip to a Farmers' Market near you, where you will probably find all sorts of organic goodies for sale.

Traidcraft have a wide range of mostly edible products that are organic as well as fairly traded.  Bishopston Trading Company, Greenfibres, Gossypium and Liv have an even wider range of clothing and household items. 

I've been using organic toiletries and cosmetics for several years. I use lovely organic cleansers and moisturisers from Weleda as well as their deodorising sprays.  I've been pleased with mascara from Alva or Lavera, which both have staying power and give good coverage. I've been pleased with eye-shadows from both companies as well as from Dr Hauschka whose lipsticks keep lips well moisturised. I've found that the Dr Haushka deodorants work well, too.
Herb Garden at Ryton Organic

If you are anywhere near Warwick I'd  recommend a day out at Ryton Organic, which is a large garden with lots of sections demonstrating all sorts of ways you can grow things organically.  There is an excellent organic restaurant as well as a cafe, plants for sale and a shop selling gardening products and a range of planet-friendly goods from Ecover washing up liquid to Infinity Foods.

See another angle on Organic Fortnight at My Zero Waste.

Do you have any tips about buying organic?  Perhaps you have a favourite product or producer, in which case let us know.  It would also be interesting to hear if you are blogging about Organic Fortnight yourself.


  1. Thought you may like to rerad this pice in todays Guardien.

    I have added two comments as bodhisatva

  2. Thanks for that, John. Good to see Thich Nhat Hahn getting a plug in the mainstream press. I find him and his idea of 'engaged Buddhism' inspirational. The basic concepts can apply whatever religion a person adheres to.

    I would thoroughly recommend his book 'The World We Have – A Buddhist Approach to Peace and Ecology' to anyone wanting help leading a more sustainable life. As usual it is very thoughtful and benefits from being read slowly and thoughtfully. His style is very gentle and non-judgemental and I always get a deep sense of peace from reading his books. It is a book I shall probably refer to at least once in future posts, when appropriate.


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