Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Curtains on Energy Loss

As it is growing dark I am going around the house and shutting all the curtains. This helps to keep the heat in, especially if the curtains are lined, which saves energy, and therefore, money.


  1. One of my projects for the year is to make some insulated window blinds... they attach on all 4 sides with velcro and really help to keep out the frigid air at night. I got most of the material for free... re-purposed bed linens and old blanets. So far I've managed to finish one blind. It took me 6 hours, 2 broken needles, and a lot of cursing at the sewing machine. I'm hoping it will get easier...

  2. That's very enterprising of you, Rebecca. They say practice makes perfect, so you should find it easier each time. Good luck.


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