Saturday, 8 January 2011

No Impact Week: Giving Back

Day 3 was about looking at whether we use more than our fair share of the world's resources or not.

Today is about thinking what we can give back to society and the wider world around us, including the environment.

I don't have much time or energy to spare at present, as I am already doing what I can to support my elderly parents, visit my mother-in-law, who is in a local home and sort out my aunt's affairs, plus take my mother to visit her from time to time, so I think I will take some time today to review my financial giving to charity rather than giving of my time.  We have a few small direct debits set up, and I know charities find this helpful as it helps them plan their finances, but I don't want to do this with every charity I support.  In other cases I'd like to give an amount once or twice a year, but at present the way I do that is a bit haphazard, so I shall try to set aside some time this afternoon to plan my giving for the year.  I think I might find this website helpful.

What I'm hoping to do today is to spend a few hours gardening as well as cleaning out the chickens and topping up the bird feeders, which is giving something back to Nature.  Gardening organically is one way I try not to damage my immediate environment.


  1. Hi Karin,

    Looks to me like you are already giving back! You are supporting others who need you & not doing it for financial reward. Just because they are family - it doesn't mean that they don't count!

    We had my Nan living with us for over 2 years & it was incredibly hard, but we're glad we were able to care for her at the end of her life.

    One day you'll get your life back, you'll probably need to just do your own thing for a while & eventually, you'll be eager to start again...

    There's no rush - just go with the flow!

    Kay :)

  2. I echo Kay's comments. And thank you for reminding me that I need to review my standing orders to bring them up to date with my current income. It's so easy to set them up and then forget all about them.

  3. Hello Karin !

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog and in very good french!
    My turn to come by and say hello !
    Really enjoyed your green bubble over here.

    I also agree with Kay :: to flow you need to give and also receive to feel full and give back again. Your life seems to be all about giving right now. Try to get some time for yourself to recharge as well... There is SO MUCH one can do.

    Have a lovely day,


  4. Thank you all for your kind comments and concern. I hope you haven't got the wrong impression. I am not spending every moment of every day caring for other people.

    I see my mother-in-law about once a week as she is quite local and that can easily fit around what I am doing.

    As my parents are about an hour's drive away I only see them about once a fortnight and it's not so onerous, so in some ways that helps recharge my batteries. My aunt seems settled now and I'll fit sorting her affairs out around the rest of my life to some extent, plus my mum may do quite a bit.

    I do get quite a lot of time to myself to do my own thing and because I am not a full-time carer, nor a full-time employee visiting people and going to work all give me something back to me as well as take something from me. I only suffer if it gets stressful as it did with my aunt last Autumn and then things like this blog go on the back-burner. Writing it helps me relax as well as giving me a creative outlet.


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