Friday, 29 April 2011

A Tale of Two Wedding Dresses

Royal weddings full of pomp and splendour are all very well for the royal family; it is what is expected of them and presumably they can afford it, but should the rest of us aspire to anything like these weddings?  Is a wedding about the bride being a princess for a day, or is that a myth that helps to sell expensive wedding dresses and the accompanying paraphernalia?

A wedding is an important day, but it is the start of something even more important, which is married life.  Married life will have a better start if the married couple are not in debt and a simple wedding with less to worry about will be more enjoyable than one where the bride and her mother, and quite possibly everyone else, are worn to a frazzle worrying that every last extravagant detail is perfect.

To my mind planning a wedding you will both enjoy but that is realistic and affordable is the best recipe for a happy wedding day and quite possibly for the start to a good marriage, too.  My husband and I had a church wedding and then had our reception in the village hall.  We didn't have too many guests, either, as it was too far for half my family to come and several of hubby's cousins couldn't make it.  Yet we both remember it as a happy occasion.

My mum made my dress, too, and I was very happy with it and even now I wouldn't have changed it.  I may not have been a princess, but I was happy being me and felt special enough.


  1. Your wedding photo is gorgeous! I can't believe your mother made that dress. That's some serious talent. And the bouquet! (I'm sure I spelled that wrong.) Just beautiful.

    We had a civil service ceremony. $18 at the courthouse. At the same time, two friends had weddings with costs of more than $20K. Granted, I loved their weddings but, really? $20K? I just couldn't do it. The princess fantasy is a powerful one, but my frugal ways are stronger! :P

  2. Thank you, Aldra, my mum did a lot of dressmaking when she was younger. I was very happy with my dress and the bouquet. I think the material for the dress cost about £20 but that was more than 25 years ago. The flowers seemed a bit of an extravagance but I've always loved flowers.


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