Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Grow Your Own Veg etc

Apart from thinking about faith and spirituality and reading a couple of books recently I have been spending some time in the garden.  I love getting out into the garden in the Spring sunshine.  If you've been meaning to grow a bit of your own veg or a few flowers to attract bees and butterflies now is a really good time to start.  You don't even need much of a garden, you can grow quite a few things in pots, although you don't want to put too much in any one pot.   Clay pots are best for plants that don't like being waterlogged and plastic is better for plants that aren't happy drying out.  Most plants benefit from a bit of drainage at the bottom, though.  Very few plants enjoy being waterlogged.   On the other hand it's not a great idea to grow really thirsty plants in pots as you will probably have trouble watering them enough.

I've grown quite a few veg in pots and bags from onions and potatoes to lettuce and tomatoes.  Last year I grew a courgette in a grow bag, which was reasonably successful but not as good as previous courgette plants I've grown in the ground.

This year I'm growing a few first early potatoes in bags as we don't have a massive vegetable garden.


  1. Hi Karin,

    We use pots for growing, as our landlord won't let us dig up the garden! We have had some success growing spuds amongst the shrubs, but we usually have vast amounts of slugs & snails by Summer, which makes it difficult - they have even been known to abseil or swim, as we put some pots in an old fish tank, but they still manage to attack! We also use our bath, as we only use the showers & have grown tomatoes & salad leaves in there...

    Haven't started yet, but intend to soon - Sime's been preparing pots ready for when we do!

    Kay :)

  2. Good luck with this year's attempts to grow veg. Shame your landlord won't let you have even a small veg patch.


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