Monday, 21 February 2011

The Weight of Rubbish

I had the same bag (made from recycled plastic) in my kitchen bin for a fortnight and with the rubbish from other bins in the house inside it, it weighed about 3 pounds, or around 1 kilo for those of you who use 21st century weights.

As I can't see any great merit in weighing my rubbish weekly and doubt it is a terribly interesting subject for readers of this blog I shall consider that my average rubbish output is 1-2 lbs a week when I am on my own most of the time - hubby was here for a few days last week.

I shall continue to look at reasonable ways in which I might be able to cut down on my own personal rubbish output, but feel that it is not an unreasonable amount.  Of course if the whole family were here producing the same amount of rubbish each that could put our average weekly rubbish output up to 8 pounds a week, but that would not be excessive.

However the amount of rubbish other members of my family produce is beyond my control, but I can continue to keep an eye on what I send to landfill and perhaps some of that will rub off on them in time.

Karen Cannard's Rubbish Diet has reminded me that I need to deal with my junk mail, so I'll tell you more about that soon . . . -ish.


  1. Hi Karin,

    Well done!

    We've never weighed our rubbish, but we have bought some smaller black bin liners - probably the size of swing bin liners, we put one out each week, though it's never full & that's for 5 of us.

    We've also reduced our recycling, so just putting the bags out once a fortnight. We're really glad we did the No Impact Week - it has continued to encourage us to think about everything so much more!

    Kay :)

  2. That's pretty good going, especially with teenagers. I suspect that being vegetarian gives you a bit of an advantage, Kay, as while much of the plastic packaging around meat and fish is recyclable some of it is not, such as the large plastic bubble around our organic chicken and the silver impregnated paper around our fish the weekend before last. Although, having said that, when our veggie son lived at home he ate ready meals several times a week, which weren't always in recyclable trays.


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