Monday, 14 February 2011

Hugh's Fish Fight: view the programmes

a shoal of herring

 Channel 4 have put all 3 of the Hugh's Fish Fight programmes on 4oD, which means they are available to view over the next 3 months, if you missed them on TV or want to see them again.

I did fancy a bit of salmon on Friday, so I went for the organic option from Waitrose's fish counter. It was a lot paler than the salmon I am used to, and I am glad to say, less fatty, so definitely a pleasant experience. However, this does not seem to have been a particularly sustainable or healthy choice according to this article in the Guardian.

After watching the Hugh's Fish Fight programmes I shall see if I can purchase some mackerel or herring fillets.  I agree these fish tastes good, but I am one of those people who is put off by the bones.  Growing up in North Germany my dad ate a lot of herring in his younger day and pickled herring for New Year's Eve was a delicacy either as Rollmops or as a herring and beetroot salad.  I've not been one for carrying on that tradition, I'm afraid.

For more information on the sustainability of fish see The End of the Line.


  1. After having got off to a good start I'm afraid I've rather fallen by the wayside. I don't believe I bought any fish at all last week. Thanks for the reminder to get me back on track.

  2. We had mackerel last week and my pre-schooler got a fish bone stuck in her throat. I don't mind the bones at all, and love mackerel and herring, but we had to revert to guaranteed boneless fish for now. I do try to avoid cod and salmon though (as much as I love salmon)

  3. Hello Gai and thanks for dropping by. I'm not sure that it matters that you haven't eaten any fish in the last week. It is meant to be healthy for us to eat some fish, but I don't think it matters with regard to sustainability. I may have misunderstood, but I thought the point of Hugh's Fish Fight is to encourage us to eat sustainable fish when we do eat fish rather than eating cod, tuna and salmon all the time, not simply to eat more fish as that could lead to other species of fish become endangered more quickly. So don't feel guilty about not eating fish recently.

    Hallo and willkommen 'Cartside', good to see a new face here. You do have to be careful with fish bones, don't you? I imagine that could have been a bit scary for your daughter, and perhaps for you, too.


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