Thursday, 17 February 2011

Fish Fact-Finding Foray

The other day I looked at the Waitrose website and decided that the range of fish they sold was disappointingly limited when it came to the sustainable variety, although I know they do make efforts to source sustainable fish. 

However, when I passed the fish counter in my local branch I was pleased to see pollack fillets on display.  Not wanting them this week, I asked how often they had them and was told that they ask for them every day and get a box most days, but do tend to sell out fairly early. 

The availability of unsmoked mackerel seems to be a bit less sporadic, but again it tends to sell out fairly early.

So, in this area at least, it seems the 'less popular fish' are proving to be very much in demand and you have to be early if you want to be sure of procuring some.

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