Thursday, 6 December 2012

Advent, a Season of Preparation

How are you preparing for Christmas this year?  Something I read on Gai's blog made me wonder what different people find essential for Christmas.

Is it about lots of material goods like presents and food or about a state of mind and being able to spend time with your nearest and dearest? If you are feeling full of joy and good cheer towards your fellow human beings do you need much more to make Christmas special. If you feel no reason to be joyful or to grateful can anything conjure up that special Christmas feeling for you?

If turkey and sprouts and being given presents is what Christmas is all about for you, that's fine, and I hope you have all that you are wishing for.

If you struggle to find any meaning in Christmas it may be because you aren't a Christian and see no place for it in your culture, but otherwise if you feel Christmas has lost its sparkle for you, try thinking about all the things you have, rather than all the things you don't have and see if that helps. If you are in seriously dire straits I do hope your friends, family and neighbours will realise your need and give you many reasons to be grateful and cheerful.


  1. Winter/Solstice/Christmas for us is about slowing down & taking time to enjoy our surroundings & time with family & friends.

    We don't feel the need to spend much money, we are happy with a very simple celebratory time - sharing food & time with others is just lovely!

    K&S :)

  2. I think our bodies want to slow down during this dark season and enjoying time with family and friends is a great way to spend the Winter. We tend to take the opportunity to spend more time with family during the Christmas holidays, and generally relax.


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