Sunday, 27 November 2011

Advent Preparations

Today is the first day of Advent, which is the beginning of the Church year and traditionally a time of preparation for Christmas.

Originally I think it was about spiritual preparation, not unlike Lent.  It was a time of prayer and fasting, reflecting on the state of one's morals, doing penance and resolving to do better.

More recently it had become a time for many housewives to clean their houses; a Winter clean rather than a Spring clean. Now many people consider that it is a time to write cards, buy presents and plan the Christmas feasting.

I like to write cards, often accompanied by a letter, to keep in touch with people and wish them well for the coming year.  Older people and people living on their own particularly seem to appreciate this.  I'm thinking I might make a few of my own cards this year and the rest I have bought from charities.

I shall also buy some presents and food otherwise my family will be disappointed, but I hope I shall have some time to reflect, now the evenings are drawing in. However with an elderly relative in hospital who needs visiting and a regular visit to my elderly parents planned I might not have all that much time to do so this week.

If you want to support charities when you buy your Christmas cards either order them direct from the charity or look out for Cards for Good Causes they may well have a shop near you, often in a church or an empty shop in or near your high street.  According to this article, this is the way to make sure the charity benefits the most.  If they are printed on recycled card all the better.

While we write our cards we may resolve to keep in touch more with certain individuals next year, or give regularly to a particular charity.


  1. We are only going to be sending out cards to relatives & friends who don't have internet access, so everyone else will receive e-cards from us this year.
    Our family will also be sticking to our rule of hand made or second hand gifts. It's much more fun & one of the joys of having older children!
    Our Christmas will be quiet & fairly simple - just the kids & ourselves, gift swapping in front of the fire, walking down to the beach & playing games. Not having a TV makes life much more enjoyable!

    Kay :)

  2. It sounds like you have the recipe for a simple, but fun Christmas, Kay. We don't have our TV on all that much, although hubby likes to watch the Queen's speech. We might watch something in the evening, too, possibly with the kids.


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