Thursday, 22 September 2011

What an injustice!

"Oh Lord, what an injustice!" - the last words of Dic Penderyn, unjustly hung in 1831

I'm saddened that these words are so applicable today.

My condolences to Troy Davis' family.

"20 years after being put on death row in Georgia, USA, Troy Davis was injected with lethal injection in the early hours of this morning – needlessly, outrageously, unjustifiably."
This man was executed although he was not guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.  He insisted he was innocent and many believed him to be so.  The evidence of his guilt was very shaky.

More about Troy Davis here


  1. This was truly heartbreaking. The death penalty is simply barbaric. The fact that it is used to kill innocent people is beyond comprehension. I do not understand how a civilized society can justify the murder of its citizens by government hands.

  2. I struggle to understand why executions are still allowed to happen in the USA. Why do people let it happen?

  3. I agree, the death penalty is not a sign of a civilised country, but if it is carried out there must be absolutely no doubt about the guilt of the victim.

    Mulling over a post about the capital punishment in general, but may not have time for a while.

  4. The Smiths, although it may seem like the American people are apathetic, we are far from it. There were countless protests, calls to officials, protests even outside the White House. Right now, there are about two thousand people who have occupied Wall Street for an extended period of time, protesting the injustice of our economic system. We're fighting the insanity. It just doesn't get that much media attention.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the death penalty, Karin. We'll be patient for when you do have time!


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